Recommended Reading

  1. The Soul of Discipline.  This book is particularly helpful since it breaks down parenting into four stages.  It works for however old your children are.  It’s helpful for the teenage years as well.
  2. Bringing up Bebe.  This is great for when you are expecting, for the newborn stage, and toddlerhood.  This covers a lot of the basics such as sleeping and eating.  How do the French get their children to sleep through the night at 2-3 months?  How are French children able to eat vegetables so well?
  3. Parentology.  This is part memoir, part equipping manual.  It’s highly engaging, and helps parents make tough decisions as advocates for their children based on scientific research.  While I don’t agree with all of the decisions Conley made for his life or his family, I admire his willingness to follow the research.
  4. How to Get Your Kid to Eat…   This gave me the confidence to keep offering a wide variety of food to our children.  Sometimes they don’t eat new things.  Keep trying.  Eventually they will eat it.
  5. Playful Parenting.  See my post on wrestling with your children.  Playful Parenting is practical, and can improve your relationship with your children almost immediately.
  6. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.  This is a fast read.  It helped me to reflect on my parenting style, and my relationships with my children.  Chua has a great sense of humor.  I’m amazed at how involved she was with her children while working as a Law Professor at Yale.  Some parents have a hard time reading twenty minutes a day with their children.  Chua sat with her children for hours while they practiced music daily.
  7. 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos.  Lots of great advice in here based on Peterson’s research and experience as a clinical psychologist and father.  Great idea from Peterson: raise children that are likable so that other children will want to play with them and other adults will want to interact with them.